Self-Igniting Pocket Stove | FREE GIFTS: Pot & Pan, Silverware and Mesh Carry-All Bag

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Make delicious meals outdoors quickly and effortlessly! 

Weighing only 0.6 pounds, this GaliTeck self-igniting stove fits into your pocket and is ultra lightweight and compact for all your adventures.

It allows you to cook meals and boil water faster and easier without taking up much storage space. Perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking or anyone just enjoying the outdoors. 

Now you’ll finally be able to cook a delicious meal no matter where you are - at any time! Upgrade to this durable and lightweight cooking set before your next adventure!

Simply screw it onto any standard butane tank (not included) for an instant campsite.  


Compact and Portable: This camping stove is easily foldable and can be taken with you on any outdoor adventure. Fits neatly into the carrying case (included) once folded and can easily fit in your pocket!




Adjustable and Strong Flame against the wind: Features an adjustable control valve, the stove can vary between a high and low heat setting depending on your cooking needs. Simply turn on the valve by turning it to the left, and to turn it off turn it completely to the right. Simple and Easy!



No Need for Matches or Lighters: Piezo ignition system allows you to light the stove without any matches or lighters. Just push the red button to spark it up.




Anti-slip Arms to Hold Large Pots: Our stove features 4 foldable and extendable anti-slip arms that can safely handle large pots. Give yourself peace of mind that you can cook any amount of food no matter where you are!



Screw Top Design for Easy Fuel Canister Attachment: Our portable stove features a screw top at the bottom of the stove which can easily attach and is compatible with any butane/propane canisters.



Heavy Duty and Sturdy Material: Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, our stove can handle high temperatures and weight with ease. In addition, our anti-corrosion material makes our stove long lasting!