About Us



We are GaliTeck Gear INC., with years of enjoyment going camping, hiking, and fishing we decided to share our love for the outdoors with you. We sell affordable items because we want you to be able to enjoy the outdoors and not spend an arm and a leg to do it. Our business is based in Washington, and when we are not working we enjoy the outdoors experiences the state has to offer.

GaliTeck is a small family owned company and our team is composed of four avid outdoors enthusiasts that want to bring you the best service possible. We have two warehouses, one in the U.S. and one abroad.

We strive to offer 100% Customer Satisfaction so if you are not happy with your purchase or are experiencing any issue, please contact us so that we can fix it right away!

GaliTeck Inc,

Registered Office:

P.O. Box 18143

Spokane, Washington 99228